The New Hollywood

Hollywood is a collection of meaningful, enduring and iconic places. It’s a model of urban revitalization bringing together retail, educational, retail, hospitality and residential properties to form an eclectic neighborhood.

Over $4.8B has been invested, including over $2.8B in completed projects, $1B in active projects and another $1.6B in pipeline projects.

What’s New In Hollywood

Gritty, inventive, eclectic and energetic: no place in LA is getting more play than Hollywood. Its renaissance has grabbed the media spotlight more...

Hollywood Area Map

Hollywood's most vibrat and exciting neighborhood lies right at your front door.  Explore the Hollywood Map

Hollywood Happenings

Hollywood Happenings- like live music and screenings and the highly original crowd that is drawn to them... Read More

The New Hollywood Gallery

Hollywood is changing.  See the stars, sights, and walk the walk of Fame in the world's most famous neighborhood.
Hollywood is a very iconic image in many people’s minds. Its about energy, it’s about people, and so the W Hollywood required a very iconic solution to live up to that”
– Eddie Abeyta – Lead Architect
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The Residences At W Hollywood