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We are all about energy, creativity, contemporary expression. Not surprisingly, W Hollywood is a mega-venue for music, fashion and LA culture. While the Station hosts live acoustic music Tuesday nights and film screenings on Monday evenings, you'll find The Living Room hosting LA's hottest Jazz Night every Sunday. As a resident, you have access to it all.

Griffith Observatory’s End-of-World Party

  • Friday, December 21
  • Griffith Observatory - 2800 E. Observatory Road
Noon to 12:01am

To debunk the rumors surrounding the 22nd of December being the end of the world, Griffith Observatory is hosting a party!
If you decide to spend your last day on Earth here, celebrate with fellow non-believers by staying at the observatory during their extended hours - exactly one minute past midnight. They normally close at 10pm. While looking amongst the stars you can also catch a screening of their show "Time's Up" that attempts to prove the world is not ending. The event is expected to be largely attended so arrive early to ensure parking. 
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