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Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary

  • Friday, October 21
  • Pantages Theater, 6233 Hollywood Boulevard
It's been 25 years since Nintendo released the original "Legends of Zelda" video game, and they're celebrating in style with The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony.  From the producers of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, (which I can say from firsthand experience was absolutely magical) and with songs hand-picked by Nintendo composer Koji Kondo, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony is sure to be not only a hit, but a veritable trip down nostalgia lane.  A 70 piece orchestra accompanied by a full choir brings Zelda back to life, and promises to be a delight for classical music fans, gamers, and anyone who grew up in the 1980s.  Judging by the number of fans on their official Zelda Symphony Facebook Page, if you want to see the show, you'd better get your tickets now.

Here in Hollywood, we're lucky to get a "sneak peek" as the second of three premiere concerts takes place right here, at the Pantages Theater, on October 21st, 2011.   (The first premiere concert was in Tokyo on October 10th, and the last will be in London, before the show goes on a worldwide tour in 2012).  The premieres include music that will not be played on the world tour.  A full, 4 movement symphony has been arranged for the world tour, and we're told only 2 of those movements will be performed in the premiere concerts.  So, if you find yourself entranced at the Hollywood Premiere, you'll have the opportunity to see (and hear) a different Zelda-themed concert in 2012.  For more information and the full story of The Legends of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony, check out Nintendo Magazine's interview with producer Jeron Moore.
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