Life at the Residences at W Hollywood

It’s a multi-tasking epicenter that takes life to a new level. It’s not just about where you live, but also how you live.

The Residences at W Hollywood is not just another variation on home. It’s home recast, restaged, and reconceived.  It’s Home, Rescripted.

Take A Tour

Places to play, places to tone, to gather, to crank, to chill, to indulge, to rave, to create, to be... Read More

Rooftop Park

Fifteen stories above The Residences at W Hollywood, L.A.’s most spectacular rooftop park beckons. more...

The Living Room

Sumptuous.  Loft-like.  A mélange of modern and classical elements.  The Living Room is a fitting introduction to the address  more...

The Screening Room

Ready to premier your Cannes Masterpiece to a few close friends?  Pitch your latest brainchild to the Man?  



Own Hollywood. Stay on top of all that’s happening in the neighborhood.

Check back often to get the latest on the mash up of eras, influences and energies...

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It’s not just about where you live, but also how you live...

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Background Image: Intimate rooftop cabanas
The Residences At W Hollywood