Tait Roefols

If you’ve ever taken the time to notice the creation of a hand painted billboard consider yourself lucky. With just over a dozen left in LA, renowned artists like Tait Roelofs appreciates the opportunity to hone his craft and create masterpieces for the masses to view. Roelofs is well known for his sculpture works and a specialized project with Vans, but luckily for us, he continues to showcase his talent on the side of buildings. Although a business now saturated with vinyl prints, Tait, along with a crew of other artists prefer to do it the old fashioned way, executing the tedious process using a grid pattern to paint the image on a large scale. To truly appreciate such a task, next time you’re walking by the Vine lofts on Hollywood Blvd. or Big Wangs on Selma Ave. make sure to look up at these great pieces of art. Some last just a few weeks. Back To Community
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The Residences At W Hollywood
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