Jillian Michaels at The Residences at W Hollywood

Ever wish you had a personal chef to deliver diet-friendly meals right to your home? Us too!

That’s why we had to catch up with Jillian Michaels at her recent event at the W Residences in Hollywood to get the skinny on her new partnership with Freshology, a food delivery program that brings gourmet, calorie-controlled meals straight to your door.  “I’ve been wanting to get involved with something like this for a long time, but either the food sucked or it was packed with unhealthy preservatives,” says Michaels. “It’s not just calories, the quality of the food matters when it comes to health and weight loss—which is why I really clicked with the Freshology’s commitment to fresh, clean food.”

Teaming up with Freshology’s five-star chef, Michaels used her nutrition principles to create a total weight loss plan that delivers healthy, wholesome and delicious food with no preservatives, no hormones, no artificial sweeteners and no trans fats. On the program, you’ll receive a twice weekly delivery stocked with daily meals totaling 1,400 to 1,800 calories: breakfast (240-475 calories), lunch (230-470 calories), dinner (303-536 calories) and a dessert. The 28-day rotation ensures you’ll never experience taste bud boredom. And all the food is pre-cooked, chilled and ready to go, so at the very most all you have to do is zap it in the microwave. For added thinspiration, you’ll also get Michaels’s fitness DVDs, texts to keep you motivated and a copy of her book, Master Your Metabolism.

We got to sample the menu and must say we were impressed! From blueberry pancakes and a chicken salad sandwich to steak and chocolate cheesecake, we licked our plates—definitely not like diet food. It’s no wonder the fancy food delivery program is a celeb favorite and has become the diet of choice for the contestants on Dancing with the Stars. “It eliminates all the guesswork—no more journaling or calorie counting—so all you have to do is stick to the meals and the pounds will come off,” says Michaels.
The Jillian Michaels Freshology Gold program starts at $48 a day, and can be modified for vegetarians and picky eaters. It’s not cheap, but worth the investment according to Michaels: “It sounds expensive but in the grand scheme of things it’s a bargain—you want to know what’s expensive? Obesity!” Back To Media
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The Residences At W Hollywood