Interview with Poliform about Penthouse 12B

Poliform is the leading player on the international furniture scene.  Founded in 1970, Poliform has a reputation for creating world-class designs and and a history of being the trendsetter for modern furniture.  In recent years, Poliform has been heavily involved in large residential and commercial projects in the United States, including the AOL Time Warner Center in New York and the Palmolive building in Chicago.  In addition, Verenna, it's kitchen brand, is responsible for kitchen design and furnishing for all residences in the Residences at W Hollywood.  Poliform furnished PH-1B, which is a two bedroom, two and a half bathroom residence with 1,843 interior square feet and a 469 square foot outdoor terrace.

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The Residences At W Hollywood
Bedroom one 01 b Bathroom 01 a Bedroom two 01 Kitchen 01 Livingroom 01 b Livingroom 02 b Balcony 01 a Balcony 02 Mallory Schumann Poliform