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Whether music, fashion or interior décor, the opportunities for self-expression are only limited by your imagination. We enlisted some of LA’s hottest designers to each showcase their take on Home, Rescripted. The result - an eclectic and intriguing mix of furnishings and finishes to whet your appetite for exploration and invention. Dig-in.

Room & Board

Interview with Ken Griggs about Penthouse 14G

Designed and furnished by Ken Griggs of Room & Board, penthouse 14G is a warmly contemporary residence with views from Downtown to Century City. Griggs designed the space using a palette of mid-tone nuetrals and furniture that is light in scale. The main pieces are modern but not "slick" with some unexpected elements like a... more Read More


Interview with Poliform about Penthouse 12B

Poliform is the leading player on the international furniture scene.  Founded in 1970, Poliform has a reputation for creating world-class designs and and a history of being the trendsetter for modern furniture.  In recent years, Poliform has been heavily involved in large residential and commercial projects in the United... more Read More

NL Consulting and Van Patter Design

Nicole Landers of NL Consulting an eco consulting firm along with Kelly Van Patter of Van Patter Design and Kellygreen Home, bring a new vision of eco-luxury living- GREEN+VINE, created exclusively for The Residences at W Hollywood.  GREEN+VINE was born from the W Hollywood Hotel and Residences’ vaunted LEED certification, the largest to date in Southern California. ... more Read More


Founded in 1984, Cantoni is a full service interior design resource delivering cutting edge modern home furnishings. Cantoni has designed both residential and commercial spaces all over the United States and world. With a team of licensed designers working with a state of the art support team, the Cantoni Design Studio has the capabilities of tackling any design project... more Read More

Barclay Butera

A Barclay Butera home features classic, clean, transitional lines and is the ultimate expression of casual elegance.  Designer Barclay Butera's style grounds itself in European, American and Eastern influences with a contemporary twist.  For the past decade, Barclay Butera Home has grown into one of the most recognizable and sought after home furnishing lines.  Butera... more Read More

Kahi Lee

Kahi Lee Lifestyle, a design firm specializing in high end residential and commercial design launched in 2005.  Recent high profile projects include the Malibu home of surf legend Laird Hamilton and his wife and former pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, the Beverly Hills home of Japanese rock star Kyosuke Himoru and the Solair--a $160 million luxury condominium... more Read More
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The Residences At W Hollywood
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